Interactive Agency Quality Factor®

  • SEM Campaigns
  • SEM and SEO audits
  • E-commerce
  • Optimal SEO, Content Marketing
  • Positioning and Website Construction
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Designs

Quality Factor® is our motto, not only the name of our Agency. The idea of an effective operation in the field of Internet advertising arose in 2014 and the present team of Interactive Agency QF has been multiplied since 2017. We strongly believe that our experience, knowledge, skills, passion and, first of all, quality - guarantee our customers’ success supported by digital ads!

We are a team of professionals with long term experience and specialization with channels and sources of internet marketing. Quality Factor® Agency puts the competences of workers in the first place, so we cooperate only with qualified:

  • SEO specialists and positioning parties,
  • supervisors of accounts for paid Google Ads campaigns (but not only),
  • specialists in Facebook ads,
  • creative and competent copywriters,
  • professionals in website construction
  • and creative graphics designers.

Our Interactive Agency achieves success thanks to well organized team work and creative thinking. Our customer’s success is our success! We know the value of quality in the process of creating effective Internet advertising.

Internet marketing specialists and enthusiasts

As specialists in the field of digital marketing we can help you build Your strong position on the Internet! Quality Factor® Interactive Agency deals with the Internet marketing including:

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SEM Campaigns

SEM campaigns in Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) - paid advertising campaigns in Google search engine, Google Ads, Google Shopping, YouTube and other, also campaigns in Bing search engine.


Activities like e-commerce - advertising campaigns and made to measure services for online shops in Google search engine, Google Ads and SEO activities.

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SEO / SEM Audit

SEO, SEM Audit of websites, online shops, and other individual services - to estimate chances and dangers.

Optimal SEO

Optimal SEO - complex adjustment of customers’ websites for search engines.

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SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Marketing Pack - integrated SEO activities for your website and/or online shop.

Website Positioning 

Website positioning - operations increasing visibility in organic search reasults.

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Website Construction

Website construction - professional website building, including a microsite, landing page, online shops.


Social Media

Social Media Ads - advertising activities on Facebook (FB Ads), Instagram and other social media.

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copywriting seo

Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting - contents for websites, online shops, blogs, manuals, current publications in external services and many others.

Graphic Designs

Professional internet graphics - banners for SEM campaigns, logo designs, graphics for Google accounts and accounts on Social Media, banners, sliders, websites, online shops and other dedicated graphics.

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Our Partners

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In Quality Factor® Interactive Agency we know how important additional activities dedicated to the special needs of our customer are. Therefore, our internet advertisement concept is widened by individual online marketing activities.

Quality Factor®, the best interactive agency in Warsaw means, first of all, quality which consists of numerous vital factors



Quality is a guarantee of effective operations! This is our motto for supporting each and every of our customers.


The offer of Interactive Agency Quality Factor consists of numerous activities within integrated marketing. Digital advertising contains complex solutions so a holistic attitude to both the customer and the process itself assure the best effectiveness.


Owing to the scale of our activities, we individualize the services for our customers - like a tailor preparing the outfit of a special shape. We recognize our customer’s needs, aims, possibilities, chances and dangers which derive from competitiveness and effectiveness of different advertising tools. Professional completion of our services widens the chance to achieve the effects planned.


Every branch, each business is specific, so we cross the borders of schemes in cooperation. We adjust the activities planned to the type of business, possibilities and the budget of our customer. We do not follow any stiff regime or scheme. We are constantly studying the field of digital advertising and applying new trends and changes in Internet advertising.


Pressure of time is challenging - both for our client and our team. This is why we realise our services on time. We respect the time our customers have, so Quality Factor offers also optional comfortable and short term contracts.


We answer our customers’ email messages and telephone calls quickly and in a communicative way - we know that efficient communication determines effective cooperation. We react to critical situations and continuously supervise campaigns and all activities in action.

QF Agency undertake the challenge only then,
when the actions can be beneficial for the customer. For our team,
quality is a guarantee of successful actions!